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uWho is HNCHv

The Nature Land Hokkaido is worried about land degradation in recently.
The construction of roads, dams, resort parks and golf links should seriously damage
the native environment. We are going to criticize the policy of environmental conservation.
"Symbiosis" and "Biodiversity" is our important key word for the future Hokkaido.
We ask your participation to our activities.

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iCorporation) the Hokkaido Nature Conservation Societey
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©The Hokkaido Nature Conservation Society

The Hokkaido Nature Coservation Society

@The Hokkaido Nature Conservation Society was established onPXUS,PQ, by the naturalists and scientists who concerned about the degradation of nature in Hokkaido.
The Society is a public corporation that is authorized and recognized by the Department of
Nature Conservation of the Hokkaido Prefectural Government in PXVX.
The members of the society are 1200 as of 2001year.

EWhat's main subjectsH

Stoppage of the Akadake Sightseeing Parkway, Problem of the ropeway of the Mt.Daisetsuzan,
Rehabilitation of the down-hill ski-gelande on the Mt.Eniwa at the Sapporo Winter Olympic Games,
Suspension of the Run-through Parkway on the Mt.Daisetsuzan,
Objection against logging in the Shiretoko National Park Forest,
Stop the tunnel route of the Shihoro Parkway,
Inquire of the Chitose Drainage Canal Plan--surplus reconstruction of the land.

EAdditional activitiesH

Doubt against golf course establishment, Anti-resort area development,
Conservation of watershed, Perspective discussion of vehicles of an internal combustion engine,
Biodiversity conservation, Plotection of the alpine floras,
Observation of the migratory birds,Relief work of oil-sufferd sea-birds and sea-animals,
Educational programme for children, Provision of the nature conservation on the south Kuril Islands .

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